Saturday, July 13, 2013

Draper Cabin.....Spirit Removal & The Shocking Truth Comes To Light

After the Ghost Box and PX sessions, the sun had finally started to set at Draper Cabin. With my back to the fire, facing my family and new friends for strength and positive energy, Reid McFatridge lit the sage and began a prayer while circling the chair in which I was sitting.

I had been chilled all evening, though the forest floor was comfortable and warm. I felt that this spirit, who I now believed was named "Walter", didn't want to let go of me. Earlier, when Vince had driven the van back up the 3/4 mile gravel road to pick up Reid and his girlfriend, the chills and nausea began. The spirit that was with me was aware, oh yes, so aware and he KNEW the person who would pull him from me was coming.

The prayers continued. Tendrils of sage smoke curled around my head and body. Though I don't remember the words spoken, Reid was praying over me for protection, for the spirit to release it's hold on me and for me to have strength enough to move forward and not allow the spirit to reattach to me. My stomach dropped and my heart sank........I started to sob.....I felt sad, alone and empty. The spirit was gone and I felt his pain.
Dense, circular orb, emitting it's own light source and seems to be solid

Reid continued to pray and surround me with the smoke of the burning sage and Tammy came to help me. Kneeling in front of me, she took my face in her hands, she prayed then looked into my eyes, "Take my strength, Edie, take my strength."

I looked into her eyes and breathed in as deeply as I could, trying desperately to feel her energy, to pull from the depths of her being. I started to feel refreshed, alive and.....myself again! I actually felt like me again! Gone was the relentless nausea, the muddled brain (that could never think straight) and the mood swings. I felt so good at that moment, yet I could still feel the presence of "Walter."

We broke up into teams and started to investigate the area...first the outhouse and surrounding woodland, then the cabin itself. We took various photographs, took recordings hoping to capture EVPs and just listened to the area around us. Once the investigation was over, everyone left for home, except for myself, Vince, Michaela and Dalton. The night was peaceful, with the exception of a teen freak-out over a nasty little tick. The next day, the kids and I explored the area again and took pictures along the creek. The day was beautiful and I felt free once again!

We took the kids home that afternoon and returned for one last night at the Draper Cabin. Oddly, when we returned, I felt a bit awkward and out of place. The Draper Cabin, which had felt like home to me for two weeks, was just a new and exciting place for me to discover. "Walter" was gone and I felt his woodland home was no longer my own. The night was uneventful except for some footsteps and growls....but you have to expect that sort of thing in the area where we were. The whole incident was over......or so I thought. It wasn't until a couple of days later that I realized, this entire journey was just beginning. I had a message to pass along and a job to do for someone who was about to become someone near and dear to my heart.


The name chilled me to the bone when I heard it. I somehow KNEW within the depths of my soul, that Walter was the spirit who had been with me. I listened again to some of the recordings from the PX and to a lone EVP recording, captured by my husband in the cabin.

"What is your name?"
A ghostly whisper replies, "Walter."

I grabbed my laptop and began to search Walter. I already knew he was a wealthy, elderly recluse whom was duped by a cleaning lady, kidnapped, tortured, killed and then his body burned in the same forest where I picked up Walter's spirit. Ah, I found his last name....Sartory....typed "Walter Sartory" into search and the shock wave started.

Article after article came up.....hundreds of them....from all over the world! Wow, who was this man and why was is so important that his case was picked up by the AP wire and spread worldwide? Then I started to get my answers.......

Walter Sartory.....wealthy, genius, worth millions. He was a nuclear physicist, a mathematician, a government employee who's work was classified. He was a member of the Center For Inquiry Atheist! This was the blog I read that truly brought this entire story around and made us realize we didn't just have a case, we had a potentially important and groundbreaking case.

A man, suffering from mental illness, who lived his life through numbers, facts and skepticism. He was an Atheist. It hit me like a ton of bricks.....this man.....this genius....this skeptic who believed in evolution and the big bang theory and that when we die, consciousness stops, realized he was dead and still aware of everything. He could see, hear and touch the world of the living but they could not see him. He witnessed the dismembering of his own body, he watched as ruthless and greedy murderers crammed his body into a trash can and eventually burned his corpse in the forest, near Draper Cabin.

He must have wandered that forest, using that scientific mind of his to try and contact someone, anyone and tell them that there IS an afterlife. He finally found someone to hear him....someone who understood his panic and anxiety disorder and someone gentle hearted and determined enough to tell his story.....he chose me.

We listened to more of the PX recordings, jotting down notes as we went along.
"Truck" "Steal" "Van"
"Daniel" "Linda"
"Copper" "Blasting" "Drop"

It started making more sense. We started to piece things together. He worked in the very facility that produced the atomic bomb. The arrest, the truck, the all added up to Walter recounting his final days in captivity and his corpse's demise. But the names....."Daniel" and "Linda" didn't fit......yet. Until I found an extensive story written on Walter.........from that moment on, myself, my team and my family KNEW Walter needed us to contact the people he respected. He led us to all the information we needed. Here is the article.

Daniel.....Walter's neighbor 3 doors down. Linda....part of the prosecution team. And there, for me to see was Walter's full medical history and the symptoms he suffered as he died. My nausea, my inability to breath, the smell of death, my mental confusion. He was a schizophrenic and took medication daily. He suffered paralyzing panic attacks. His withdrawal from medications in addition to the drugs he was given by his captors made him terribly ill. He was giving me his physical and mental pain, he was showing me everything. He opened his soul to me in hopes that I would help him tell the world that he was still aware.....that he witnessed it all.

Since then, I have contacted Jim Underdown from The Center For Inquiry. He is extremely skeptical but wants copies of our recordings and a written recount of what happened from day one. He has a team of investigators and scientists he is assembling just to go over our evidence. He was an acquaintance of Walter's and from what I gathered in our phone conversations, knew him much better and knew a great deal more about the case than I. Our team is preparing the evidence and will be sending it to LA soon.

I feel that if one, JUST ONE of those scientists has a tiny shred of belief that these recordings are real and that we have made contact with a brilliant scientist and colleague......then we, as paranormal investigators have done our job. This is what OUR science is all about.

I will end this by saying, though we thought the Draper Cabin story was coming to a close, it has not. Walter has come home with us. My daughter sees him, I feel him and on occasion and (though I have asked him to stop) we smell him.....that rancid rotting flesh smell. We must do some research on crossing lost souls over....then we must return to the cabin and send Walter home. We will post once we are able to get back down there.

Please enjoy this video created by Reid McFatridge of G.H.O.S.T It's quite chilling!

G.H.O.S.T Video

To be continued..................

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Draper Cabin Investigation.....Our Most Explosive Case Yet. Did We just Find Proof Of The Afterlife?

Having a spirit attach to you is quite an odd experience. Feeling so outside of yourself, the emotions you feel, the way you see every day things differently than before, like viewing the world through another's eyes. Every headache, bout of nausea, ache or pain made me wonder if it were my body or the body of the spirit, trying to communicate to me what they had felt in this life, before they had died. After a couple of weeks of feeling like a lunatic, I was so relieved that we were going back to Draper Cabin to finally say goodbye to the spirit who was holding on to me for dear life.

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013, my husband and I rent Draper Cabin for three nights. Night one, devoted solely to him and I, hoping to make up for the night I got sick and we had to flee to the comforts of home. Night two, the night of the detachment ceremony and investigation, our daughter and a friend (and junior investigator) as well as friends from other paranormal groups and a Wiccan empath would be joining us. And finally, night three, a night to take a deep breath and enjoy some one on one time together for myself and my husband. I was nervous, to say the least, but anxious to get everything over with and solve the mystery of the spirit who chose me as their vehicle, their messenger.

Arriving at Draper Cabin on Tuesday afternoon was like coming home....I felt comfortable, relaxed and at ease. The surroundings were as beautiful and as peaceful as ever. It has been raining a great deal and the forest floor was saturated. The stream and waterfall had swollen and was beautiful and clean and welcoming. I did visit the outhouse a few times, lighting a Glade candle to ward off the pitch darkness and the rancid smell of rotting flesh that seemed to return mysteriously after we had been there for a few hours.

The night was fun...nothing out of the ordinary happened. We heard owls calling to one another in the dark, a raccoon circled the campsite, hoping we'd leave long enough so he could raid out campsite again. The rain stayed away, though water droplets still fell from the trees surrounding us. The night couldn't have been more perfect.

Wednesday, we drove back home and collected Michaela (our daughter), her friend and junior investigator, Dalton and some more food, a smaller tent, extra clothing, blankets and for me, courage. I wasn't sure about the detachment ceremony. Would it work? Would we ever learn the identity of the soul that clung to me?

We set up camp and in the early evening, our reinforcements arrived. Reid McFatridge, our friend and founder of G.H.O.S.T arrived with his girlfriend Erin. Donald and Jim, both independent investigators and both of whom had actually witnessed footsteps in the woods surrounding Draper Cabin on a separate occasion, arrived soon after. And finally, Tammy, a Wiccan empath and friend of Reid's arrived to lend us her spiritual support, insight and energy.

Just before sunset, we began the investigation portion of our evening, starting with the Jensen Halliday Hack Ghost Box. We knew already, that there were no cell signals in that area of the forest, but we learned quickly that radio waves could not be picked up either. The Ghost Box was silent, only distant static was heard. We then hooked up the PX device, a small electronic device that allows a spirit to manipulate the electromagnetic pulses emanating from the box and access a word dictionary. The spirit could then choose words and "speak" though the PX device's robotic voice. The results were almost immediate!

Reid called to the spirit that assists him through PX conversations, Veronica. "Veronica, are you there?" The robotic voice answered with an immediate stream of words, " Botched. Threat. Arrest. Ready. Linda. Daniel. Van."

As Reid asked questions, the PX seemed to ignore everything that was being said around it. The spirit speaking to us had a message and nothing was going to stop it.

"Bail. Chief. Alike."

"Arrived. Sneak. Back. And Walter hushed."

The name Walter struck a cord deep within me. Walter......Walter was the name of the spirit attached to me. I had goosebumps from head to toe. My stomach wrenched and cramped, my heart sank and I felt an overwhelming sadness, anger and excitement.

"Walter! Walter, that's him.....I know it is!" I said.

The PX: "Elemental. Fatal. Arrived. Puncture. Van."

"Ridge. Morgan. Leg. Stuff."
"Fire. Smoke. Copper. Blasting. Drop."
"Ashes. Burial."
"Atom. Slate." Writing. Was. Future. Speak."
"Constant. Truth. Truck. Steal. Sin. Only. Son."

So many words spoken.....and at the time, they seemed senseless. That is until after the detachment.....after our three days at Draper Cabin....and after Walter came home with us again.

To be continued..........

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Draper Cabin Experience Continues....The Unwanted Guest

I believed that our experience at Draper Cabin was something intriguing, exciting and something we would not soon forget. Someone has made sure this is something I will NOT forget or be able to let go of until it gets what it desires.

After coming home that night feeling so extremely ill then suddenly feeling better, I assumed the spirit had come close to me, made me feel it's pain and suffering and allowed me to know that they were there and lost. However, as the days following progressed, something felt amiss. I didn't feel like myself. Not at all.

I was exhausted and drained, as if I were battling a long illness. I had a headache that felt as if the back of my head were exploding.No amount of pain reliever, even prescription pain medications, would give me relief from the unrelenting pain. My eyes hurt terribly...they burned, stung and were extremely sensitive to light. My stomach bloated and cramped horribly, doubling me over time and time again.....then disappearing as quickly as it came. And my personality began to change...........

The change was subtle, at first. I felt moody and sad.....then the wild mood changes started. I would be withdrawn one minute, happy, laughing and feeling myself the next and then, out of the blue, something would enrage me! I went out of control yelling, screaming and berating my own husband. I got angry with my teenager for not checking in (and I rarely have reason to even shake a stern finger at this amazing child). I would sit and just boil over with seething hatred and rage over nothing.....then I would cry, feeling so lost and empty. Isolation felt comfortable. I couldn't concentrate on even the most menial tasks like watching television or reading a book. My brain felt as if it were spinning.

My stomach problems were off and on and I was either ravenous with hunger wanting to devour anything remotely edible in my path, or so apathetic toward food that I had no desire to eat whatsoever.

The smell. The rotting flesh offensive. The odor that enveloped me and tried to strangle every breath from my lungs was here. I would suddenly smell it around the living my my my daughter's home.

 My sleep patters became worse and I was waking in the middle of the night with night heart racing, my stomach churning and every part of my body trembling with fear, my body coated in slick sweat.....yet I could only remember flashes of what I had dreamed.

A man.
Dark green Dickie type work pants. Neatly pleated.
Work boots.
He's somewhat tall.
He's stocky and a bit portly.
He's balding on top.
There was blood.

I remember nothing more. But it was then that I realized that much more than just an experience happened to me at Draper Cabin.....I started to believe that this entity, this person, this lost soul...clung to me and followed me home.

Which explains my urge and deep desire and NEED to return to Draper Cabin. I MUST return. I must do so soon.

Not having a great deal of experience with spirit attachments or possessions, I contacted our friend Reid with G.H.O.S.T in Greenwood. I explained to him what was going on and we decided to meet so he could learn more.

After answering a series of questions, it is Reid's opinion that this spirit is not demonic nor is it harboring any ill intent. The theory thus far is that this spirit realized I heard him, felt my empathic abilities and clung to me. My husband also added that the spirit could have seen me as having a weak mind and took advantage of that. I have been dealing with a great deal of personal and family issues and my head has not been in the right place for a while.

We have concluded that this spirit either wanted to flee the area of his pain and torment or, the most likely reason, he came with me because he has a story to tell and wants me to help him.

We will be running a ghost box session as well as EVP sessions here at home. Our hope is to communicate with the spirit and see what information he is trying to convey. Our next step will be a return visit to Draper Cabin, hopefully at the beginning of July to conduct more tests, EVP sessions and ghost box sessions. We are hoping to help cross this lost soul over.

The area will then be cleansed, followed by blessings over me and a cleansing of our home. We can only hope all goes well and we can gather some interesting paranormal evidence while furthering research on spiritual attachments and assisting a lost soul in crossing over and finding peace.

More blogs to come.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Draper Cabin, Morgan-Monroe State Forest....Much More Than Folklore.

As I write this article, I sit on my bed still quite taken aback by what occurred on Tuesday night. It was completely unexpected and shocking, to say the least. I am not one who plays into tall tales and folklore simply because a site is old. So my romantic "second honeymoon" turned into somewhat of a bad dream and an experience I am still trying to put together in my head.

Draper Cabin is located in the northern section of Morgan-Monroe State Forest in Martinsville, Indiana. The cabin was built more than 100 years ago by a man by the last name of Draper. (My online research, thus far, has not uncovered his first name). He used the nearby creek to operate a corn milling operation which, later, proved to be a financial disaster because of the rocky and clay like soil in the area. The one room cabin is very crude and rustic with heavy wood doors and windows which lock with an old fashioned bolt type system and secured with padlocks.

The cabin and it's grounds which include and camping and fire pit area as well as it's own outhouse facilities can be rented for $25 per night year round. Many tall tales have emerged surrounding this cabin and it's creepy location; some of which include satanic rituals, a crazy park ranger who allegedly died in the cabin as well as a murderer who still stalks the forest seeking his next blood lust filled adventure. And let's not forget Bigfoot.

I have never been one to believe in folklore. Yes, the stories are exciting and scary, if you are 12 years old and having a sleepover with your middle school friends. Personally, if I cannot track down records of deaths, murders, suicides or anything odd happening in the area, I ignore it. I am a believer in the paranormal wholeheartedly, especially being an empath myself, but I have a skeptics brain when it comes to research. That's why, when I had the Draper Cabin experience, it shook me to my very core and rattled my senses.

It was day two of our "fix this marriage" escape and our second night's stay in the forest. Night one, spent in the primitive campground area was successful and fun (*winks* if you know what I mean) and we were looking forward to our second night in the legendary Draper Cabin. The road leading to the cabin was an old gravel road which twisted and curved it's way down the the bottom of the enormous forest's floor. The area was absolutely breathtaking! We started unpacking our gear and gathering wood for a fire.

Immediately, I didn't feel "right". For some reason I kept feeling like night two was going to be a disaster for one reason or another. Once we realized we were so low in the forest's belly that we couldn't get cell service, I thought, "Ah, this is why I have a weird feeling!" So we drove back up to the top of the road to text our kids and tell them who to contact in an emergency since we would be unreachable. Back down we went.

Though relieved that our kids knew we couldn't be reached, I still had a feeling something was a miss. We hiked a little, heading down the stream to find the small waterfall area. Again, the stunning beauty of the area had me enchanted and both my husband and I were enjoying the various natural wonders and beauty surrounding us. Then the thunder came....and the rain started. My husband was feverishly working to keep a fire going while grilling up dinner and I was still wandering around the area taking photographs and curious as to why I still had a feeling in my gut that something wasn't right.

I had been up to the outhouse a couple of times throughout the afternoon and early evening (thank you overactive bladder) and though I felt odd every time I walked the area, I blew it off as jitters, you know, hoping night one wouldn't trump night two in the romance department.

After filling up on some of the best burgers I have ever eaten and a couple more strolls downstream, I made another visit to the outhouse. I had a flashlight and a battery operated camping lamp with me because darkness was falling quickly and the belly of the forest is unrelenting, deep, pitch black darkness. The tiny, cinder block outhouse was a bit claustrophobic , didn't smell like roses and was crawling with insects and spiders. Eh, no biggie, I have done my business is worse smelling places than this!

Suddenly, I heard rustling and twigs snapping behind the outhouse, descending out of the forest and toward me. I listened closely to make sure it wasn't raindrops still slowly making their way down to the forest floor. I held my breath and again heard the rustling and snapping. This time I KNEW it was human and not a wild animal. I sat silent as the foot steps moved closer. My heart was pounding so hard into the chest plate that I was sure the intruder could hear it. The footsteps grew closer and finally reached the wet gravel surrounding 3/4 of the outhouse. I heard the wet, crunching, grinding sound of the small stones under someone's shoes. The sound was unmistakable. I shouted out to my husband, "Honey, is that you?!" I was answered with silence. The footsteps stopped and the night was still. Off in the distance, I hear the cries of coyotes, falling raindrops and the tops of the trees blowing gently. Assuming it was my husband playing a cruel trick on me, I called out again, "Honey, if that's you, it's not f*cking funny! Stop it!"

The footsteps started once again, grinding into the wet gravel underfoot then ascending back up into the forest, branches snapping as the sound grew further away from me. I gathered myself, unlocked the door and stepped out to find my husband coming over the bridge, still 70 feet or more away from me. He asked me if I was alright and I answered, "Yeah." still in disbelief from what had just happened. I stood there in the darkness while my husband made use of the facilities and my stomach began twisting itself in knots, churning on itself, cramping....and I felt as if I were going to be sick. I jumped back into the outhouse again to try and relieve myself as waves of nausea took over my entire body. The air in the tiny room became thick and I was finding it difficult to breathe. I pulled my hooded sweatshirt up over my mouth and nose thinking it was the odor getting to me, but nothing helped. I was smothering, breathless and shaking. I burst out of the outhouse trying to catch my breath.

We walked back down to the campsite behind the old cabin and I was still feeling ill. My body felt like lead, my chest was tight and the waves and waves of nausea crashing into my gut were relentless. I ran into the edge of the forest to use the restroom again, steering clear of the outhouse. I returned to my husband barely able to walk and trembling with the flashlight gripped tightly in my hand. The back of my head was throbbing and the heaviness was making it difficult for me to maintain my balance. My thought? A stomach bug or my fibromyalgia attacking at the worst possible time.

My husband quickly doused the campfire, we gathered our most important belongings and began the 30 minute drive north to home. I reclined the seat and tried to doze off during the ride and, as we got closer to home, I started feeling better. About 30 minutes after arriving home, I felt tremendously better. I was still weak and somewhat shaky, but I was better. Odd.

That's when my mind raced back to my experience in the outhouse and the footsteps I heard clearly, the weight I felt, the heaviness that drug me down, the overwhelming nausea. No way this was a flu bug, nor was it a typical attack of my chronic illness, as that lasts a few days. I questioned my husband about the outhouse and he said he heard me say something and came to see if I was alright and that he would never scare ME like that. He seemed as puzzled as I was.

Morgan-Monroe State forest is one of the top ten haunted forests in the county. This, being determined by folklore and legends. Stepp Cemetery is nearby, a spooky, dark place with dozens of stories about a lady in black mourning the loss of her child. However, no direct stories have been verifiably  linked to Draper Cabin and it's surrounding forest. To date, I personally have uncovered 3 deaths linked to the area, the latest, a suicide, occurring on May 1st, 2013....a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head being the gentleman's cause of death.

All of the elements of a paranormal phenomena were in place.....running water, limestone and a thunderstorm.....the perfect conduits for a spirit to try and manifest. My scientific mind sees it. My love-of-the-paranormal mind embraces it. But I have to admit, going into a situation such as this, blindly and not expecting anything to happen, is more frightening than imaginable.

I want to get to the bottom of this as I have an endless curiosity and lust for the paranormal. I am hoping we can return to the cabin again soon, and this time I will be prepared!

If anyone out there has had any experiences at Draper Cabin or the surround areas in the forest, please contact me at ecaito46143@gmail.come with "Draper Cabin" in the subject line. I would love to hear your stories and see if they link up with any of the deaths I have uncovered.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Upcoming Investigations

Helping Hand Paranormal Investigations has two upcoming residential investigations the first week of May. The first is a daytime investigation. The home owner reports to have seen a full body apparition and other members of the household report hearing voices and seeing shadows. The second investigation is an evening investigation. This home owner has claims of poltergeist type activity. The team is extremely excited and looking forward to helping these home owners.

Coming up in June, helping Hand Paranormal Investigations will be doing an overnight investigation at the infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Though members of the HHPI family have been there before and caught compelling evidence, this investigation is private and will have no tour guide.